HDD: Some additional photgraphic memories

Dear readers,†

Here is the next instalment of images randomly found amongst nearly 550.000 images on my external hard drive. Hopefully, there might be some interest in these kinds of photos and posts. The first image takes us some years back, it’s dated 2548, which would be 2005. January 5th to be exact. According to my few personal notes for the day, this would have been taken at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, somewhere near the Sawgrass Mall. We were in port with the Crystal Symphony from 6 AM till 9 PM, sharing docks with ships like the Caribbean Princess, QE2, Silver Whisper and to HAL-ships. In the image, I’m surrpounded by to of the great deck hands of Crystal Symphony.†

In the next image, I have found an image from January 5th 2012 when I did a Project 366 v2.0. This was day 250 of 366. All the images from this one year long photo-project is still visible and available in its entire lenght (31 pages!) on CaptainsVoyage Forum (click here).

Day250-2012 01 05-YearsFirst

The next image was taken a further year later, on January 5th 2013, and shows the veteran coastal steamer “Lofted” of Hurtigruten at her dock in Trondheim, Norway. This ship has her own “thread” on CaptainsVoyage forum which counts some 70 pages in length, with, literally, thousands of other images.†

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