HDD: Ninth and Tenth of January

Second long blog-entry today trying to catch up with the days passing in record speed. We have arrived at January 9th and to start, we must go back as far as to 2004. As you remember from the 8th of January that year, I was in Saint Maarten, and the next day, I was in Gustavia, on the nearby island Saint Barths. Here, I spotted another yacht by the name CELESTRAL. 

That day in 2004, we also spent time in port with another beautiful yacht: actually a tug converted to yacht: the Lone Ranger. The quality of the image ain’t good - several of my digital images stored on the hard drive seems almost as if they degrade in quality as time passes. It could also be that the quality of digital cameras back then can’t be compared to those of today. 

On January 9th 2006, the day after that long drive from Bangkok to Phuket in my previous blog-entry, I started the day with a Thai breakfast on Nai Harn beach. Nothing more relaxing than a fried rice breakfast and lemon juice on the beach, knowing you have all the rest of the day to do whatever I want. 

5 years fast forward, we arrive at January 9th 2011. The location could not be more different from the beach-scene at Nai Harn beach: Marøy, Rørvik, and winter. I have always been a kind of loner since I returned to Norway. In sharp contrast to the high number of friends back home in Thailand, in Norway, I’m such a loner. Long and good relationships are truly hard to make here, and perhaps also because I do not seem to get the “Norwegian” way either. Maybe it’s cultural, climatical or a mix of both reasons? 

On January 9th 2011, I also drove to Lauvøya just north of Rørvik to look for eagles. Eagles are amongst my most wanted subjects. I have driven many miles to try find eagles, even to the eagle kingdom of Smøla, without any good luck. This image below, is the only decent images I have so far. 

The last “January 9th”-image is from 2014: taken at Impulse fitness during a work out-session: a so-called “selfie”. I post and share it simply beacause I do not care.  

2557 01 09-Impulse

Moving on, January 10th 2005. Location would be Oranjestad, Aruba. For many, the ships we shared time in port with, would be quite familiar to many. She used to be the Song of America, but in 2005, she was the Sunbird. Behind her, we can glimpse one of the two ships built in the early 90’s in Spain. According to my private notes, that would be the Braemar of Fred Olsens Cruises. 

In the evening, there was a crew party at the flag deck aft on board the Crystal Symphony. Apparently, it’s a carnival of some kind. Looking at images from these times, I really do miss the togetherness and comeraderie on cruise ships. We were, perhaps still are, family - the Crystal family. That night, I was a BBQ-Chef for the crew, providing sausages and beef. That was a lot of fun. A lot of fun. 

Four years later, on January 10th 2009, I was at the other side of the world again, at Laundering Church - the place where my dear late mother now rests. The church is located a 20+ minutes drive from Rørvik, in Nærøy county. 

The final image dated January 10th is quite a fresh one: the Finnmarken docked at Ila, hiding from a violent storm at Stadt, in 2015. The image was taken on the way to work. It seems like I have a focusing issue either with the lens or with the camera. Or, it could be a user error as well. 


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