HDD: New Year Evenings

I have also picked out a couple of New Year Eve-images for your enjoyment, taken at the end of December 31st or just into January 1st. The first two images were taken at the very end of 2009, as I entered into 2010. Clearly, from the images, I was at the viewpoint in Fridtjof Nansens way at midnight. I remember having to stay sober because I wanted to go there see the fireworks, but I did have some fluids after retnurning home. The night, and the new year, was still young. 

The following year, as 2010 became 2011, I had to work. It was the last night of Fosen Namsos Sjø at the Trondheimsfjord, and early next morning I would take the Svanøy out as a Captain and open the service under the houseflag of another ferry company. As we were docked at pier 55, Dora, I had to spend the night on watch together  with the Chief Engineer, watching the public frieworks from Kristiansten Fortress. 

Then, in the final image, we advance another year forward. It was taken just after midnight, on January 1st 2012. I was on duty on the last day of 2011 too, on what we call "day-watch”. I finished work around 6 in the evening and had to return to work early the following morning, on January 1st. Since there was no proper celebration this year because of work, I instead made an effort to go see the public fireworks at Kristiansten up close and personal. 

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