HDD: Eleventh and twelfth of January

For those who wishes to see a new day’s update, I have no managed to get to January 11th and 12th. The first image found on the external hard drive that I’d like to share is from that day in 2006. Location was Phuket International Airport at Phuket, and the apparent activity was plane-spotting with friends. Looking at the folder from that day, I took some 100 images in the course of a day’s spotting, and that is a lot of different aircrafts! The image I selected as a sample is a of Thai Airways HS-TEM flying in under the name Jiraprabha. The aircraft is as far as my notes go, an Airbus 330-323 that had it’s first flight back on June 6th 2000. She is still in service after nearly 15 years in service, but I would presume she now sports the “new” livery of Thai. Looking at this image, I certainly miss the old livery. 

I also managed to capture this awesome aircaft on Phuket AIrport that day, a Boeing 747-4D7. This particular aircaft made it’s maiden flight on January 11th 1991 and would be some exactly 15 years that day when I took this photo. According to my friends, this aircaft is no longer in use, but kept in “storage”. The machine would be exactly 24 years old today! According to a friend of mine, the aircraft carried the name “Alongkorn”. 

It also looks like I drove back to Bangkok that day, leaving the island of Phuket. I shot the following two photos the same day, January 11th 2006, on the north side of Phuket island. I really loved this car with my whole heart, more than any other car I have ever owned in my life, my Toyota Hilux VIGO. This car was also special because it was the 13th VIGO to roll off the assembly line at the Toyota factory in Thailand. The story would be something like this: I went to a motorshow north of Bangkok in early 2004 I think it was, and saw the national-premier of this new model. It was the first pick-up with the standards of a normal car to come out on the market, and I wasn’t in any doubt, I wanted one myself. But at the show, the line for sign-ups was longer than a year, so instead, I went to Toyota Ratchadamri and ordered my car there. To show the dealer how serious I was, I paid the car in full with cash. The price was 841.000 Thai Baht, in in those days that would be equal to 136.000 NOK. I fought long and hard to get some extras included in the deal, the dealer just couldn’t let me go when I said I’ll pay the car in cash. Waiting time was about 6 months, but continous communication with the dealer and factory pushed me ahead in the queue, and I finally got the 13th car to roll of the assembly line. 

Two years later, on January 11th 2008, I had to go to a place where I used to spend as little time as I possibly could: Pattaya. Don’t ask me why, but Pattaya is a great place, just not for me. Too crowded, and too commercial. I don’t know, never been a fan of the place. The mission for the visit was a property meeting at a new high end residential project which I wanted to get the maintenance contract for. I did, I got the contract, and returned to Bangkok in the afternoon. 

Tie and suit off, back into my t-shirt on the road back to Bangkok. A selfie before a selfie was something eveybody does (well, at least in Asia… LOL). 

A year later, on January 9th 2009, the scenery would be very different. It’s hard to imagine all the things that happend between the previous and the next photo, the world would have turned upside down and be shaken so hard. I look into my eyes in the image from the road home from Pattaya, and wonder, had I known what was to come back then, what could I have done differently? I guess that is something nearly impossible to answer. Anyhow, it was a windy day by the Nærøysundet, Rørvik, Norway, and the 71 meter long fishing boat GUNNAR LANGVA of Ålesund headed northwards. 

On January 12th 2005, I was still with Crystal Symphony and we made a westbound transit of the Panama Canal. In my nautical career, I have sailed through this canal numerous times, perhaps as many as between 12 and 20 times. I do not know. The first time was with Royal Viking Sun, and the last time, would have been with Crystal Symphony. The transit involves a lot of work for the navigating officers, but it’s always a thrill and truly exciting experience each time. The details and size of the canal is baffling. I think if the canal was to be built in our modern times, it might not have been built because of it’s massive engineering. The story behind the canal is both inspiring and fascinating. 

Four years later, I would be in a different place, on the other side of the world. On January 12th 2009, it seems like Marøy would be my place, playing with Lissi. Yes, I’m a crazy cat-person in the making. I truly miss this cat. 

Another year passes by, and we reach January 12th 2010. By then, I would be working on the car ferry FOSEN. It was never meant to be permanent, and I can’t believe I’m still working there on the ferries. GAWD. I really needed a haircut that time, and I think this was about the same time I started going to the gym again. I can clearly see why. ;-)

The next year, January 12th 2011, I was really occupied with MPP-photos (multiple personality portraits), hence the next two images. I did quite a few of these for a while, but then, as sudden as I had started, I stopped doing them. But I have to admit this, they were a lot of fun doing and took a bit of advanced planning ahead. 

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