HDD: Can’t wait till New Year

Here is my second dive into HDD, the first dive was yesterday, December 27th 2014. As we now have managed to stay alive till December 28th, I made a search on HDD for any images taken this day, and these are a few of those that I found.†

In the first two images, we are taken back 11 years to 2003. The location was Castries, on the beautiful island of Saint Lucia in the Caribbean Sea. I was still serving as a Chief Officer on board the luxurious Crystal Symphony and I was so lucky to escort some guests on a private helicopter charter flight around the island. In the first image, you can see two landmarks of the island called the “Gros Piton” (front) with the somewhat smaller “Petit Piton” behind. These are two volcanic plugs in a World Heritage Site in Saint Lucia. These two towering peaks are linked by the Piton Mitan ridge. The mountain-peaks are located close to the towns Soufriere and Chisel on the southwestern coast of Saint Lucia.

In numbers, the Gros Piton raises to a height of 786 meters and is also the second highest peak on Saint Lucia, after Mount Gimie. Despite being the tallest of the two, hiking to the top is easiest here. Petit Piton is measuring in at 739 meters.†

In the second image, also taken on December 28th 2003, you can see my ship, the Crystal Symphony safely docked at Point Seraphine cruise dock in Castries port on Saint Lucia. I recall that also a HAL-ship was in port this day, possibly the Noordam, but it’s hidden behind the hill in front of my ship. The island in the upper left corner, I believe is the French island of Martinique.†

Then, for the third image I’d like to share this day, also taken on December 28th, we are back in Bangkok. The year should be 2007, so this was smack between my first encounter with dengue fever and the second and almost fatal encounter. In particular, during this time, I remember how hard I was training at the gym. Work and gym. That was the life in Bangkok. As far as I can remember, the guy in the picture was an acquaintance of mine from California Fitness taking me on a run around the park at the foot of the Phra Ram 8 bridge, which also is the bridge in the image.†

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