HDD: A quick stop

Just squeezing in an update from my external-HDD today, as the snow is coming down outside. Today, I see Januay 4th on my calendar and a quick search in my files didn’t reveal too much to share. I seem to have come up with a date-numbering of all my files starting from about January 1st 2005, which is a pity indeed, because all the files together would have been a perfect diary if I had done that from the first digitalization and first ever file entered into the hard drive. From the beginning of 2005, I seem to be quite coherent in numbering the files in a similar fashion "YYYY_MM_DD-filename.format". I wish I had done that from the beginning.†

Anyhow, here are my selections today. The first image of the day was taken at my condo-apartment on the 32nd floor overlooking Pratunam in Bangkok. Man, when I see this image, there are a lot of things coming to my mind, and I do miss the sound, smells and heat of Bangkok right now (perhpas because the snow is coming down heavily outside here now). It’s always a little fun looking at old images like these, I suddenly remember details that I have otherwise forgotten all about. The image carries the date 2551_01_04, so that would have been in the year 2008.†

This next one is from January 4th 2010 - a very cold day, and the only image taken that day it seems. Perhaps it was the perfect day to stay at home, under a warm blanket on the sofa?†

2010 01 04Cold weather

Then, lets make a jump to 2012 and an image from the tiny, and (c)old apartment I rented before. Please do not look at the mess, and all the stuff floating around. The apartment was small, and the ceilings were low because of the roof. But I did enjoy living there. The landlord and his family was truly amazing and I both miss them and stay in contact with them even now. Wonderful and fun people. The box full of wonders came from the US, and lifted my spirit skyhigh in a time of the year where winter depressions would normally be strongly felt. It literally took years to get over those winter-depressions after having lived in the tropics for so many years. I wasn’t used to darkness, the cold and the lack of colors outside. Everything felt black, dirty, cold and wet. Snow was only beautiful on the day it fell, a day later it would be covered in a dark layer of pollution and dust.†

The next two images are from 2014, and a trip to Port of Trondheim to capture the blue-hour in the afternoon. The first image might be quite familiar, as it was used on the frontpage of CaptainsVoyage all the way through year 2014. The second image, I’m not sure I have ever shared anywhere before. I might be wrong off course.

On the way home the same way, I apperantly stopped by this Star Wars helmet-look-a-like pumphouse near the ramp up to the carpark. I remember that I was surprised to see it illuminated with colored lights, as I don’t think it was so before. Dora, is as many know, a MASSIVE fortified submarine- and drydock bunker from WW2 in Trondheim.†

Oh, look, here is a “selfie” also from 2014… a selfie would have been so embarrassing back in my childhood, and perhaps it still is in Norwegian terms and understanding. But, back in Thailand it is as natural as anything else. Anyway, who else would have been there that day to capture (record) me? I really feel like I don’t give a rats behind what they think about selfies. I love looking back years later to see what my life used to be like, because as the first image on this page also made evident to me, it makes me remember details and days I would otherwise have forgotten all about. And that is more than enough reason for me.†

2557 01 04-NewYear

Have a great day!†

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