Good night or good morning...

Which way would be the absolutely best way to end or start your day, especially if you truly have great affection for Thailand, than to listen to His Majesty the King’s Anthem? There is no doubt in my heart what place I miss the most every day, and which place has the biggest portion of my heart.†

Life is like a journey, and even though I have now recently bought an apartment a world away, in Trondheim, Norway, home is still in Thailand. Thailand and the spirit of Thai people are an important part of my daily life: I have never felt truly at home here in Norway. Explaining it sounds like a monumental waste of time because there are no Scandinavians that will understand my complex view and opinion. Not to worry thought, it doesn’t bother me. I know more about myself than anybody else in the whole wide world, I know everything that I need to know about myself - nobody can tell me that my opinions or feelings are wrong. The same should go for you as well: don’t you ever let anyone make you feel any less!

Anyhow…. this entry is just created to share a beautiful clip, filled with wonderful people, to great and meaningful tunes. Good night, good morning or good day - whatever your time is right now.†

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