Gas-bunkering in town

Today, I got to take the ship to Trondheim town for our weekly LNG-gas bunkering to take place. As demolition and reconstruction work for the new ferry-docks, charging towers and magnetic mooring towers are well underway at both Flakk and RÝrvik, we now have to make a trip to town to do the refuelling. In the past, a trip to town happend occationally, but after changing the ferry set-up and work shift-system†about a year ago, my†K" seldomly gets this chance anymore.†

Despite having served on the†K†for 7 years already, this was my very first time to dock at†Kai 7, pier 2” in the Nidelven river. With this trip to town, I have now officially docked at - and visited - all possible docks in Trondheim that are suitable for my ship.†

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