Funeral procession at 7.7 knots

When checking ships on today, great sadness follows when I see the OASIA today. In just under 8 knots she is steaming on something that reminds me of a somber funeral procession from Singapore to Bhavangar, India… a destination less than a anchor’s toss away from the dreaded beaches of Alang. I first became aware of the move to a possible scrapper about a week ago, on the fantastic website (click link to have Peter Knego’s final look at the old Lady). There, it was reported she was heading at a little more than 1 knots from her lay-up at Sattahip in Thailand, bound for Singapore. 

Her sistership, the former Sagafjord has long been scrapped already, and now it seems as if the former Vistafjord of Norwegian America Line is also on her last wave-wrapping voyage of her glorious history. This is one beautiful vessel that I personally wish could have been saved, despite so many fantastic attempts by so many people - none of which eventually turned out to become fruitful.  

Bon voyage my fair Lady Vistafjord.

These are one of the truly classical cruiseships and ocean liners I will forever treasure from my childhood, along with such fine vessels as Britanis, Mermoz, Winston Churchill, Sagafjord, and the original Royal Viking-ships to name a few. I really hate to see her go the same way as the others. Looking at some of the images of her found on my hard drive, it’s almost surreal to think that she is now on this dreadful voyage - my thoughts are wondering, what’s it like on board right now, what does she look like inside and outside, who is on board, what are they thinking, how many are they, what is the plan in the days ahead…. so many questions, so few answers. 


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