From Thailand with love.†

Youtube is perhaps the single one most entertaining channel on the Internet. Here are some really funny and otherwise great clips that I have come across today. Quite enjoyable and certainly makes me miss a certain country in this wonderful world.†

The first clip I would like to share or keep in my memory, is a video with a great Isarn (north-eastern) flair called ฮาวอาร์ยู (literally translated as†“How are you”). Not only are the ladies beautiful, the tune soothing but also the dance is enchanting.†

In the next clip, I would like to take you to Thailand’s Got Talent… where they start off by singing one of my favourite Bodyslam-songs (a song which they sing in duet with Siripon Ampaiphong), but also is the show so electric on the stage, that they stun the jurors and the audience. Well done! It also includes Sek Loso and his song Panthip! After watching this clip, I’m laughing and as happy as the judges are!†

The third and last clip for this post is from one of the funniest youtube-channels I know. Since it’s a country-style music month, this clip contains some of the greatest and most memorable north eastern Thai country songs known. I just can’t stop laughing when watching this clip over and over again. I truly wish I was somewhere else right now!†

If I can make you watch all these three clips, and at the same time put you in the good mood they put me in, then I can rest assured I’ve done my job well today. Have a great day!†

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