From an idea to realization.†

Out of nowhere, I often come up with photo-ideas for specific motifs. When these ideas spring into my head, I have found it crucially important to write them down, or they have no possibility to be remembered in the future. Photo ideas are like a nighttime dream: if they are not recorded immediately, they are forgotten almost as fast as they came to life. One of these photo-ideas came to my mind early this morning, but instead of writing the idea down on my phone’s notepad, I immediately realized it.†

The idea may not be completely unique, but rather a further development of a previous photo that I did. I start this short blog-entry by showing you the initial image, followed by the one I thought of, and realized immediately today.†

While the first image was called “I am who I am”, the follow up image has been named “Everything I am”. The meaning is quite symbolic, I would say. It includes some of my most passionate interests currently in my life, and a clue to the things that makes “me” the one I am. Naturally, and as many know, there should have been a couple more things included, but perhaps that will be in a third image some time in the future?†

I am who I am.

Everything I am.†

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