FotoFile MBK

Throughout the world, there are many shops selling photo-equipment, but a shop with more dedicated staff than FotoFile on 5th floor of MBK Center in Bangkok, is really hard to find. My personal experience with this shop is that they are truly dedicated and that they do take a lot of time with their costumers, and potential costumers. They make you feel like selling is not the only thing they do, but also sharing experiences and knowledge.†

TPerhaps part of the secret behind their professionalism is their active use of social media, and having a lot of staff at hand. It’s in sharp contrast to Trondheim’s only photo-shop, where you would be very lucky if they tended to you, even if the shop is empty. That is also the reason why I want to mention this shop in particular, because of their dedication, kind and consistently generous service.†

A stop at FotoFile in MBK center is a must each time I visit Thailand: and not only once, but several times each time.†

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