Finally on Spitsbergen!

Finally, I made it on (not to) Spitsbergen - the ship, not the island. I have for a very long time intended to visit on board, and finally, last month, I eventually found the perfect time to visit. This was a sunny morning right after a night watch had ended, and the Spitsbergen was on her northbound voyage to Kirkenes.†

The ship was a whole lot smaller than I had anticipated, I had a distinct feeling that she was in the same category as the old generation Nordnorge, Harald Jarl and Kong Olav. The top deck is massive, with a lot of space for viewing the sceneries along her cruises. The interiors are modern and they look comfortable enough. My favourite lounge was the forward lounge. I asked the reception if it was possible to walk the bow as I noticed a raised platform surrounding the mooring area, but it was only for nice days while at sea. During port, with ropes out, it was a safety issue as well as “the guys on the bridge doesn’t like it that much”.†

More images will be posted to the ship’s own thread on CaptainsVoyage Forum.†

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