Fighting for dominance in the skies

There is currently a big battle going on in the skies, there is a fight for dominance as three major airlines, Ethiad, Qatar and Emirates, from two countries with the size of South Carolina, USA, are trying to take over International aviation. Suspected to be heavily subsidised by their respective countries, they are able to invest billions in luxurious aircrafts, airports and lower their airfares†ridiculously low. Doing so, they are currently taking over all international airtraffic by braking the neck of most†competitors.†††

Personally, I think we always need to have an open mind to all media reports, especially from youtube, and†exercise†sound†judgement on what is right and wrong information. However, in the past, I have always stated that these three carriers in particular, all have an extremely agressive business-plan in place: with mind-blowing orders for new aircrafts, including the largest fleet of the massive A380.

The video below might shed some light on the subject.†

I would love to hear your opinion on the matter? Is this a threat to our open skies, not only in the US, but all over the world.†

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