Few cents of my opinion...

A lot of articles in the media and all across the INternet is screaming for your attention. Never before have so many people started using and reading digital medias, while the old fashioned printed press is struggling to survive. We, as the readers, must also be a lot more crticial to what we read, and perhaps not believe in absolutely everything we see. 

Here are some articles that caught my attention recently. 

The new police cars in Norway: Not long ago, the Norwegian Government decided to upgrade the markings of the police cars. Nothing wrong about that, this is something that will eventually evolve and happen at certain intervals to suit new regulations. The big mistake during this latest upgrade of police car markings, in my opinion, was to remove the “riksvåpen”: a lion holding an axe under a crown with a cross. Recently, national paper VG reported that the “riksvåpen” was to be put back on the police cars - thank heaven! They should never have been removed in the first place. But my question is then, why are there discussions to remove the “rikvåpen” from police uniforms and Norwegian passports still going on? At the same time, the Minister of Justice promises to return the riksvåpen and the cross to the police cars as well in this article: but, at an outrageous price for the new stickers. 

The next article that caught my attention should serve as a warning. A Norwegian citizen living in Thailand, has been in coma for 7 months following a serious traffic accident. He moved from Norway many years ago, and doing so, he stopped his contribution to the national welfare system. Now, he can’t get out of the hospital because of the massive expences he has clocked up. My advice to all: make sure you have some sort of insurance, because you never ever know when and if you will need it. 

Then, an article at NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting website) states that people chooses to travel other ways than across the Hardangerfjord on the brand new bridge. The reasons is perhaps the tolls for passing over the fjord, but what is interesting about this, is that a discussion about building a gigantic bridge across the Trondheimsfjord might suffer the same fate. People might, after it has been built at a gigantic cost, choose to continue looking for other ways of crossing the fjrod, or go to other city-centras such as for example Steikjer to do their shopping. To me, the cost of builiding a bridge across the Trondheimsfjord is a waste of funds unless the Government carries the entire cost (without passing the bill on to motorists in the form of toll gates after completion). 

The last article is a “good-feeling” article which shows that despite this winter’s lack of snow, there used to be snow before. A lot of snow actually. The article contains great images of old Trondheim, and the snow - real winter. 

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