Two days ago, I had a strange dream, like I do have so many nights. I dream a lot at night, and in periods. This one dream was one of those really strange dreams in which most of the details were all unclear as soon as I woke up, as usual. But the thing about this particular dream was that while I was still not awake, I had created a note in the notepad on my phone resting on my nightstand. I didn’t even remember making the note. Next morning, I saw the note that I apparently had created, and I could not even remember punching it in. 

All the note said was one single word: “FEARNLEY". 

All that I could remember when I woke up, was that it had to do with a tattoo that I didn’t want. And that was all I remembered. Nothing else. 

Dreams are indeed strange, right. Anyone care to give me any clues as to what the dream could mean? 

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