Facebook after New Year

Some of you may remember I questioned whether to stay on Facebook, or to leave, by the start of 2015, in some of my previous blog entries here and here. Based on an idea from an acquaintance of mine, I found perhaps a doable “middle-road” which at the moment I have executed. I might not be able to leave for good, because Facebook is indeed a brilliant platform to communicate with past friends and colleagues.†

I will however spend some time in the very near future, when I get off work, to dramatically slim down the number of connections (called “friends”) to only those that I follow, have regular communication with, and that apparantly seems to want to do the same. I have too many people right now that I either do not know who is, I do not communicate with them, nor do they comment, like or send any messages my way.

My middle road that I’m going to do is as simple as this 3-step plan:

1) Delete all life events, past and present work, delete other pages and groups no longer active / in use

2) Remove “unpopular” images

3) Remove some of the connections which I have no communication with, nor know who is

Having already executed step 1 and 2, number 3 will be done as time permits. †

I would also like to hear what you think about this subject through e-mail or comment below. If you have something critical to say, never you mind. :-)

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