Erling Jarl of Trondheim

Erling Jarl was the name of a truly beautiful ship, popularly called a stock-fish ship, built in Italy in 1949 for Nordenfjeldske Dampskipsselskap (NFDS) of Trondheim. I do not have any personal recollection of the ship even though I most likely have seen her with my own eyes at some point. She had a sad ending as a Hurtigrute when she ran agound and was afterwards deemed un-repairable. She did however spend a summer in Trondheim docked near †where Royal garden Hotel is located today, as a hotel- and restaurant ship, but really few images excist of her during that phase of her life. †The below images can together with a weatlh of many others be found on a Norwegian website called

Head to that website, and be amazed on the massive collection of historical images - not only from “Hurtigruta” but so many other things as well. There should really be a written warning with that website: “May Cause Time to Fly”.†

This are the ships and history that I so much enjoyed studying and reading about in the past. The new ships of today just doesn’t have that same soul and mystique about them… therefore, one of the reasons to my declining interest in Hurtigruten of today. As mentioned several times in the past, I’m currently in the process of selling of my entire collection of Hurtigruten memorabilia to make room for new interests and new passions.†

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