Earth 100 million years from now

Further to my previous Captains bLOG entry, here is another truly interesting film from youtube that I really would like to share with my most loyal readers. The film is called 100.000.000 from now, and is about our planet Earth, and what it may be when we are no longer here. There is a lot of information and calculations in this film, which makes it so interesting and worth watching. Since none of us will be around to experience it, we can only use our imagination.†

Check out the statistics on how global population is exploding, especially after 1950’s, and how it continues to escalate. When will this growth end? There is no chance in h3ll that earth will be able to sustain this growth, and produce enough food for all to eat healthy. Definitely, if this continues, we are looking towards the next mass exctinction, even though we have only occupied earth a fraction of the time dinosaurs roamed the planet. †

It makes me wonder, what can we do, and does it really matter what we do? Firstly, I don’t think there is anything we, humans, can do to stop this massive and quickly escalating problems of population growth, environmental phases, and ever-increasing food supply problem. Definitely, no aricraft seat-charge (from Norwegian politicians), or extra tollway charges in tollbooths around Norway for diesel powered cars, will matter in the end… apart from that we as Norwegians, get new, additional taxes to pay so that the rich and the politicians can increase their already too high salaries, and continue to spread our money where THEY seem fit (not back to the people).

In 100 million years, does the several year-long discussion in city council about whether a new-dock house being raised in Fjordgata in Trondheim, after the old one burned down, should be three, 3,5 or four stories high? Or whether the kindergarten built outside the city which was built 2 meters too high, and now have to spend a lot of money tearing down the brand new top floor even though nobody would even notice… just because someone didn’t study the building plans too closely. Arrghhhh….. it all just seem so useless, pointless and waste of time.†

We will all perish eventually anyway, and all traces of us will turn to dust…. every single thing we have made and every single thing we know. Perhaps faster than we anticipate also.†

These are three fascinating films for Sunday entertainment!†

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