Do we really need uniforms?†

This is an issue which is somwehat strange I think, but it sometimes makes me wonder: as far as I understand, everybody likes to see someone wearing a tidy uniform, but then, nobody seems to like actually wearing it. A few decades ago, many sorts of uniforms and caps, were the golden standard in many professions: bus-drivers, taxi-drivers and even the mailman had a stylish uniform. I guess now, in these days, when running a business, it’s all about money, budgets, tenders and making big salaries for those executives on the top. Uniforms are costly for the employers, and I guess it is cheaper to let their staff wear and buy their own clothes in most professions.†

At sea, we still have beautiful uniforms to determine rank and to reflect past experience. A lot of the people I have spoken with still blows their noses at uniforms: they are for the ‘dandy' people of cruise-ships, and not for those working on a fjord ferry. I respectfully disagree!†

When the cabin of the Captain on a fjord ferry is as sparingly equipped as the cabin of the youngest crew member on board, I think we should definately hold on to the tradition of our uniforms with pride and respect.†

I know from own experiences, not many Ladies can say no when a man in uniform asks her to join him for a dance at the dance floor (in for example Starlite Club)?†

Through my working life, I have had quite a few different uniforms, and even though I think the earliest years are boundary hilarious-looking, these images and uniforms are still a part of the road I made till this day.†

I would love to hear what your opinions on this is? Do you prefer, as a passenger, travelling on a passenger ship (even a fjord-crossing ferry), officers wearing their uniforms, or do you really not care what they put on? I would love to read your comments below!†

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