Disappearing veterans

For the past 10 - 15 years, a relatively high number of classical passeneger ships have disappeared from the oceans and ports around the world. What we have left feels like a bunch of generic similar-looking containers. The personality, the individuality and the style seems gone. In sharp contrast to the easthetics of yesteryears, modern ship design is all about size and money-making capability. One of the ships I was really sad to see go was this classical vessel. My images of the “Amaxing Grace” are almost as faded through years of digital storage, as she is now in my memory. They were taken at Groot Baai, Saint Maarten, in the Netherlands Antilles on December 27th 2003. Recently, I came across perhaps her final image in the moment of her death at a scrappers yard in Turkie.†

Searching the www for some additional information on the ship, surprisingly little is written, but I did find these images on shipspotting: >1< >2< >3< and finally this one >4<.

2003 12 27 Amazing Grace in Saint Maarten -P2
IMG 2948

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