Crown Princess now docked port side alongside

Update: Classical error in posting while brain is not connected. I was THINKING port side alongside, and ended up stating the ship docked starboard side alongside.
Or as we also often say:†“the other starboard side - the one on the opposite side”.†

It appears to me as the majority of the largest ships visiting Trondheim this year, are docking port side alongside at quay 68 - the cruiseship dock. This is naturally a plus if the (north-) westerly winds pick up in the afternoon and you want a safer window at departure. It could also be a result of local pilot’s recommendations.†

Crown Princess is one of the really big ships this year - and I was glad I got a chance to record her visit through my cull-mounted camera. The wind at ground level was more or less not an issue as the giant ship created a leeward side for me, but as soon as I rose higher than the height of the ship, the wind was stronger. As my cgull is a fairly light creature, wind is not one of his/her/it’s best friends. The really cool effect on my first shot, was that I was in middle of the exhaust from the funnel.†

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