Country mood morning!†

With this entry, I would like to wish all my readers a very good morning, and with that I would like to share to wonderful songs from youtube.†

The first song is a true classical, and an amazingly beautiful song. The song, “You are always on my mind”, is in this particular clip performed by legendary Willie Nelson. And now you probably wonder why I would like to share this song with all of you? The reason is quite simple: I saw it performed on TV this morning, and immediately, it reminded me of one of the most professional and curteous Captains in this world. This captain is surely always on my mind: he personifies everything I want to be, and everything I strive to achieve. Captain: this one is for you!†

The second song, is a song I have shared before and which I like very much. It was recently performed on America’s Got Talent by a contestant named Willie Jones. The way he performs this song is nothing but truly wonderful, and addditionally, I think he comes from a place in the States where I know a Princess is living.†

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