Committing a Facebook suicide

So, on January 1st 2015, Facebook is enforcing all users to silently accept their new terms of use. As I wrote in an earlier entry here at my blog (right here), I’m planning - but not sure I can actually do it, to go offline permanently on New Years Eve in a couple of days time. Since there are no other viable options of communicating, and scine a lot of businesses needs a FB-account to get news, offers etc…. I’m not sure if I’m able to do it. It’s like quitting smoking, I presume, an addiciton hard to quit. It’s like ripping of a large band-aid rapidly.†

I see both the positive and negative aspects of Facebook. As a platform to communicate with people I have worked with in the past, across the world, its far more genius than communicating through e-mails which guaranteed will dissipate into oblivion after a very short time.†

Then, there are all those (perhaps even the majority of people) who are connected as “friends” which I do not know who actually is, nor do have any form of commuication with, not even on a regular basis.†

A softer Facebook suicide might be to delete all those that I do not communicate with, that I do not remember or those that I have no connection with whatsoever. That should be a lot easier I guess. I have done it in the past, and might opt doing this instead. I have 756 “friends” and 56 followers at this moment. I could very well cut that down to - let’s say 251 persons… the highest number of “Likes” on any image I have shared through Facebook.†

hmmm… what do you readers think? I would love to hear what your thoughts are on this. Is it time to quit, or shall /will we stay on beyond January 1st?†

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