Chief of the Norwegian Oil Fund wants to...

… commit to building roads with the profit the oil of the North Sea brings to Norway. Governments pension fund CEO, abroad, Yngve Slyngsland and Governor of Norwegian banks, ōystein Olsen, wants to invest billions of kroner in infrastructure and new roads.†

But not in Norway!†

They want to build roads and support infrastructure development all over the world, just not in Norway.†

While the Norwegian roads are filled with water pots, large holes, cracked asphalt, and are way too under-built for the amount of traffic they carry, these two gentlemen doesn’t want to spend and money in the richest country in the world. In Norway, road-maintenance have fallen dramatically behind, and to upgrade roads to modern standards, requires billions of kroner in investment. This imvestment should therefore be shouldered by the inhabitants in form of heavier taxes and the everlasting inefficient tollgates spreading like wildfire.†

Is it strange people are in an uproar?†

Article in Norwegian media.†

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