Camera lost in shipwreck - found after two years.†

Came across this wonderful stories on the WWW, and since I’m a self-proclaimed photography-geek, thought this might be interesting to other people as well. The great - and fascinating end to this story is that the memory card inside the camera was intact and after a little cleaning, still readable!†

A camera lost off the coast of Vancouver Island nearly two years ago during a shipwreck was found and returned to its owner thanks to the fact that the memory card inside the camera holding the photos was fully intact.

Two students conducting research dives near Bamfield, on Vancouver Island's west coast, discovered the camera on May 13 while diving for starfish.

"They were about 40 feet down and they came across this camera," Isabelle M. Cote, professor of Marine Ecology at Simon Fraser University, and one of the two professors overseeing the dive, told ABC News.

"One of them picked it up and put it in his pocket and kept counting the starfish," Cote said. "When they came up from the dive, he said, "Look what I found.”

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