Boeing 747 Jumbo Hostel Arlanda

This is another one of my previously uploaded videos from the old youtube channel that I’d like to reintroduce and readvertise. This short film was recorded during a wonderful 2-day stay a few years ago in the Cockpit Suite of the Boeing 747 Jumbo Hostel just outside Arlanda Stockholm Airport. I had the entire upper deck at my private disposal, including the cockpit (where the beds were) for two whole days! An aviators dream come true - probably never slept so well in my whole life. 

Parts of this video was also shown on Japanese TV, in a travel-talk show. 

Welcome to one of the world's coolest stays! Here you can spend the night onboard a real jumbo jet -- on the ground! Our different room categories can accommodate one to three adults in comfort as well as a quad dormitory bed option, all with separate shared shower and toilet facilities. We also offer a luxury suite in the converted cockpit with a panoramic view of the airport. At Jumbo Stay you´re guaranteed a unique and outstanding experience at a reasonable price.

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