Boeing 747 into the future

With my evergrowing interest in the airlines industry, there seems to be no end in sight for my fascination and interest. Quite honestly, based on last years various great and memorable events, it feels like a trigger in my head has been flipped over - it could be one of the 365 switches in a 747 cockpit for what I know.†

Youtube is a great starting-place to look for more information, more insight and as a place to find more knowledge about the aspects of the industry. It’s not only the future of airlines and aircrafts that interests me, but also the past history of airlines and special aircrafts. In particular, the Boeing 747 is one of the most interesting airplanes I know of. I’m actually a bit sad, but at the same time quite happy to having had the chance to fly the 747 on numerous occasions. The end of the jumbo jet is fast coming to an end - several airlines around the world are now retiring their ageing aircrafts, and the sale of new 747’s are halted, nearly stopped. From making 12 aircrafts a year, there is only plans to create 6 more in the very nearest future… I’m not sure if that is including the new Air Force 1 for the American President.†

I would love to share these videos on youtube: the first one is asking if the Boeing 747 is in trouble, a report made by CNBC International:†

CNBC International has also created this short film with quirky facts about the 747:†

Finally, there is another thing that catches my interest, and that is the fact that many airlines are now ditching the First Class from their aircrafts, and instead, adding more economy cass seats. Thai Airways, among many other, only has First Class on their few remaining 747 and the super-jumbo A380. New aircrafts such as the A350 does not have First Class.†

The third video is also by CNBC International (it does seem they do have a lot of material on this industry, which is fantastic)… they are asking the crucial question if future of first class is over….:†

Then, youtube-user geobeats is showing ten futuristic concepts of airline cabins and seats. Some very luxurious indeed, and therefore, even though I would love to, I don’t think all these will actually materialise into reality. Though, the concepts are truly inspiring and interesting. Technology and inventions are fast evolving, and it is neverthless still just a question of time before airlines purchases some of these innovative and fascinating solutions. I would also think that those airlines which first presents unique and futuristic designs into their fleet, will have a great, competitive edge over others. ††

The two final videos I would like to sum up this bLOG entry with, is both concentrating on the super-ultra-luxurious Ethiad Airways Residences (the even higher step above their First Class): could we call this their First Class+? I’ll probably never get to experience anything like this ever in my life, but dreaming that one day, if all the right cards end in my lap, this would be an awesome experience indeed. According to youtube-user Sam Chui, it seems like he has had a great share of experiences in various top-end classes on many airlines… if I would be jealous at somebody, it would be him right now. The Residences of Ethiad looks …. ehh… sorry, I don’t think I have any proper words to describe it. Go have a look for yourself and make up your own opinion:†

Finally, the last video is aprivate tour of the same Residences on board Ethiad:†

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