Autonomous ships on the Trondheimsfjord

With wide support from the government and other authorities, it has been decided that the future of Norwegian seamen once again shall be tested: an autonomous ship will be built at Fjellstrand shipyard in Norway and tested on the Trondheimsfjord. The Norwegian company Kongsberg will by January 2018 start testing the world’s first autonomous ship, a 35 meter long and 10 meter wide aluminium catamaran. 

The ship has already been given the name “Hrönn”. "Hrönn” is a common Icelandic female name as well as the name of one of sea-god Ægir’s nine daughters. The meaning of the ship’s name is a “surging wave”. 

According to plans now circulating in the media, the ship will be propelled by four azimuths powered by hybrid diesel-electric propulsion. The battery pack will naturally also be created by Kongsberg and contain 350 kWh of power. 

Kongsberg will also be the main supplier of all electronic surveillance and automation systems, such as K-POS dynamic positioning system (DP), K-CHIEF (engine room controll) and K-BRIDGE ECIDS (complete integrated bridgesolution with electronic charts and navigation). All equipments will also have a similar copy stationed ashore for remote-control operations. 

Photo: Kongsberg Group

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