Are dreams allowed?†

If dreams are allowed, and money not an issue, this would be a nice item high up on the wish-list. But for the price of a nice second hand car, it is not likely to be reality any time soon. Perhaps if I could get a contract working for National Geographic, then it could be an option.†

As a friend of mine recently said, it’s no use buying a camera in this price range because everything posted or shared on the Internet is nowadays stolen without any hesitation. Some people actually expect that if someone share an image on the Net somewhere, it is for anybody to download it and share it without having to meniton credits.†

The Canon EOS 1D-C is often referred to as a breakthrough when it comes to digital cameras. This particular model not only takes pictures the way we know, but is also able to record 4K film with advanced video-functions like Canon Log Gamma. 4K films with digital cinematic standard at 4096 x 2160 and is stored to the CF-card at 24 frames per second.†

Price in Norway? About 96.000 NOK (or US$14.000). At that price, you better be a serious enthusiast.†

Hmmm…. dreams!†

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 18.59.11

Canon EOS 1D C

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