Antikvitetshuset Tordenskjold, Trondheim

Yesterday, I had some time to kill between two meetings  dowmtown, and since I had been thinking about going to this place for quite some time, I made the extra effort. This place, Antikvitetshuset Tordenskjold, is truly a fascinating place. It’s a second hand store, a so-called vintage shop, over two floors of an old dockhouse packed to the ceiling - literally - with glasses, cutlery, pictures, furnitures, and everything else a private home may contain. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of people visiting the shop during my quick walk-around, but without customers actually buying something, they will never be able to completely sell out all the “stuff” that they have. 

For visitors and locals alike, I strongly recommend a visit to this place. You will not find things that you find at IKEA, and you might actually find something the rest of town hasn’t copied. I guarantee. 

When did you visit a second hand shop last time? 

Antikvitetshuset Tordenskjold website

IMG 9806

“Painting. 1.250 NOK. With bullet-hole from German invation-forces from April 1940 at Støren”. 

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