An unusual encounter on the Trondheimsfjord today

This afternoon, an unusual encounter could be witnessed at the fjord right outside my “office-windows”. I have to quickly admit that my view has some pretty awesome privileges some times. And as if that is not enough, the view is ever-changing and evolving. Better keep eyes open all the time and pay attention 360 degrees. 

The northbound coastal steamer (Hurtigruten) Nordnorge had left the town of Trondheim and quickly gained up on the slowly cruising (limping) Finnmarken. Just outside my office-window, they eventually caught up for a brief minute. Finnmarken is currently experiencing some unknown technical challenges and arrived late to Trondheim yesterday afternoon. Today, the ship was enroute to NorYards shipyard at Rissa for what I believe is some kind of repair works in dry dock. Finnmarken has therefore canceled her voyage from Trondheim to Kirkenes, and hopes to re-enter her cruise on southbound again from Tromsø.  

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