An Important Service Announcement

This is an important service announcement… there is a very important message to this video /short film about social media and always being connected to what we think are our “friends”. The same goes for me, I have 6-700 “friends” on FB, but less than a handful of them are what I would call TRUE friends. Most people are merely aquaintances.†

I have MANY times before voiced my dismay with FB, how it works and how it connects people (through other people). Here is my most recent “rant” on the subject. I often delte people from FB - much because I don’t remember who they are, because they never interact or make any form of contact, nor reply to my messages, and because I’d like to keep it simple. Truthfully, this is something we all do on a regualr basis, I would presume.†

Despite all the negatives, it’s also a valuable TOOL to keep in touch with those that are true and genuine - I wish I could keep my account with those only. But it’s really hard to do so.†

Anyway - not to drag out this subject any further - here is an important video on youtube I think EVERYONE ought to see at least once and then make their own reflections around.†

Look UP by Gary Turk.†

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