Always the fault of tourists...

I do not understand why a country which is completely dependent on tourists to visit again and again, continously chooses to blame them for many things wrong. It happened several times in the past and it happens again and again. Previously, tourists were blamed for all the trash accumulated on islands like Kho Tao and other islands, the general garabage-handling challenges in other tourist-cities, as well as along the many of the main roads throughout the country.†

Now, as widely circulated in International media, a turtle died after an operation where several kilograms of coins it had eaten, were removed from it’s stomach. The turtle had “eaten” the coins at the bottom of the pond, after “tourists” (not locals), had thrown them in the water for good luck.†

The turtle lost it’s life because of a "tourist-tradition", according to newsreport originating from the country. ARGH!

No problem at all, hidden behind local text, “tourists” will be asked to pay entrance fees several hundred procent more than locals, to national parks (the country’s longest approved scam), shows and other activity places. Because tourists are the main problem.†

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