Airline retro liveries

In the world of aviation, I think there is nothing more pleasing to the eye than aircrafts painted in so-called retro-liveries, as in an airlines original colors. I know quite a few airlines have at least one aircraft in retro-liveries, in myhumble opinion, any airline with respect for their own history should have at least one retro airliner. By searching on the net, there are quite a few around actually, such as for example Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), Thai Airways, and Qanats.†

Recently I also came across a video showing a Boeing 747 of Lufthansa painted in original colors: personally, as if that would matter to the world, I think this Lufthansa livery is by far the most beautiful in their entire fleet. See the video on youtube, or see it below:†

From my a search on the web, I also found these sample aircrafts in retro-liveries:†

Thai Airways: >HERE<
United: >HERE<
Qantas: >HERE<
- and off course, the one from Lufthansa above: >HERE< - and an AIRBUS as well >HERE<

Which retro do you think is the most successful when it comes to beauty? If you know me, I think you can figure out my top-three retro’s.†

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