A380 - Lufthansa is trying to make a wow†

From October this year to March 2018, Lufthansa will increase their daily capacity on their Frankfurt - Bangkok route with 35%, when they replace the B747-400 used, with the A380. This is in part to reflect that Thailand is one of the most important growth markets in Lufthansa Group’s network.†

With the A380, Lufthansa will also now be able to also offer a first class cabin for this route. Their A380 has 509 seats in four cabin classes: 8 in first class, 78 in business, 52 in premium and 371 in economy. In comparison, their 747-400 currently used has a total of 371 seats in three cabin classes: 67 in business, 32 in premium, and the final 272 in economy class.

It is additionally noted that the first class cabin on board Lufthansa’s A380 recently recieved five stars from the UK aviation research company Skytrax. It features air humidification, the first of it’s kind on a commercial aircraft, which can raise the humidity level 25% to increase high end customers well-being.†

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport will by this autumn therefore have on more international airline operating the A380 aircrafts: Emirates, Qatar, Thai and Lufthansa.

Lufthansa also states that they are not retiring their current active fleet of 13 Boeing 747’s, but will switch them to other routes. Lufthansa also has some 14 A380 in their fleet, out of a total of 275 aircrafts.†

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