A short cliche about Thailand

Here is a video that is currently spreading rapidly around social media these days, entitled “I hate Thailand”. In my humble opinion, the first thing I notice is that the video is suffering from the sense of being heavily scripted. Secondly, I feel the film is a tad naive and lacks the street smart you need to travel to a new place. Thridly, I feel the video is creating a false sense of security for people that are not used to travelling to places far away from home.†

Some other parts of this short film is just to silly to get into details about… what Im trying to say is that, as anywhere else in the world, Norway included, a good common street-smart is cruicially important when you go travelling. Dont get me wrong here, Thailand is an extra-ordinary country, and most of the Thai people are amongst the most fun-loving, and caring people I have come to meet. Though, as I said, there are always exceptions to the rule. We all have our own experiences, and I have come across both those†bad†and†good†in my years. But for me, I choose to remember all those fantastic and icnreadible moments in Thailand.†

Bottomline when all comes to all, and even after reading most of the comments made below on youtube: Im not quite sure I understand what this film is trying to say, what message its trying to convey, or what the purpose of the film is?†

But, despite all the flaws, it’s an entertaining short clip. Go experience Thailand for yourself - stay safe, cool and take it easy!†

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