A piece of Midnatsol

For those of you that still remember the 1982-built Norwegian coastal steamer Midnatsol, this might be of interest to you all. While her two other sisters still have a Norwegian flag under the names Gann (former Narvik) and Vesterålen, the Midnatsol today sails under a different name and with a more exotic flag - the National Geographic Explorer. If you had asked me a couple of decades ago, which of the mid-generation coastal steamers would go first, it would not have been a guess for Midnatsol. Today, only Vesterålen remain as a Hurtigrute, while Gann (former Narvik) is now sailing as a school and seasonal cruiseship. 

Do you remember the large letters placed on the roof of the top-panorama lounge? Although now painted white, one set of these letters made their way to the wall of a dock-house out in Skjørna, Roan, on the coast of Trøndelag. 

To conclude this entry, I propose a question for you all to find the correct reply: what was/is the top-lounge on board Midnatsol (and her sisyter-ships) called? 

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