A pause in the everlasting rain

Finally, there is a small pause in the everlasting rain. I know that autumn contains a lot of wet weather, but it’s been like this for more or less two weeks now. Yesterday, whilst in town for work-reasons, I got a half an hour break - just about enough to send my eyes-in-the-sky upwards.†

One beautiful thing with my C-Gull is that it enhances my experience of how my town is percieved. When images are downloaded to the computer and I’m able to look at them in full resolution, I’m able to see much more clearly what is left of the historical part of the city and of buildings in the city. I’m also able to see what rooftops are made up of. I think there is so much wasted spaces in the city - there could be roof-gardens and solar panels on a much higher percentage of buildings. I kind of think that not utilising the rooftops, are such a great waste. Another interesting thing is to see the blending of all the old wooden houses and top-modern concrete buildings.†

Indeed, Trondheim is such an amazing city.†

Have you ever been to Trondheim, and if so, what do you think is the best part of the city?

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