A new youtube talent†

It’s absolutely no secret that I like to search for music on youtube, and when I say music, I do not mean rich, famous and near perfect artists. I like to find in-famous and ordinary people with a talent. It may not be perfect, but from time to time when I come across such songs, they stick to my memory for days and perhaps even weeks. I play them over and over again.†

In the youtube-channel of Sornpet Kakhan, nicknamed Toon, I found this song, and this is a song I just can’t get out of my head right now. The song is called†รักเมียที่สุดในโลก which translated to plain English would be something like†“Love my wife (girl) the most in the world”. After having come across this song, I have been singing it inside me (literally) all day long at least a hundred times.†

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