A month in review

I truly can’t believe it: here I am, thinking I did a “weekly review” last time about two weeks ago, but then I discover, I haven’t done one since April 1st! And that is no April fools joke either! 

Here, well overdue, is now a monthly review and download of images from my most used camera, the one on my mobile phone, with some commentary to go along with the images.

In beginning of April, my beloved father celebrated his 71st birthday, and that naturally, is a great reason for a proper Nowegian “bløtkake” (literally translated as “wet cake”), with berries and cream! Yummy! 


In my second image, a question whether it’s best to drive or be driven! The so-called “selfie” was done on the way to a work-shift in early April. 

On April 4th, the AIDAcara came to Trondheim, and because of some technical issues, she ended up having to spend an overnight here. That night, because of other challenges at work, my ship was also forced to sail to town to load the weekly dose of LNG. On the way to town in the evening, and on the way out of town in the middle of the night some hours later, we sailed by AIDAcara, giving me the opportunity to make a horrible looking shot of the ship. Despite being the most recent phone, the quality of this image reminds me of the camera-quality of the first iPHONE-model 10 years ago. 

Another thing that happened in early April, was that someone thought it would be fun to vandalize my back-tyre with a knife. With a wrecked tire, and no such tires available in Trondheim, I had to wait for several days while a new pair was sent all the way from Bergen. Apparently, 275/35R20 tires are not common as winter tires in Norway. Luckily, my insurance with Nemi Forsikring includes a rental car in cases like these. The rented car was a WV Golf from Avis - a tiny little car with manual gear and almost none of the luxuries I’ve gotten used to (I’m so spoiled). 

The next image on my iPHONE was an image of a new-built ship with a name I was so happy to see being used again. The name Erling Jarl was a NFDS-name (Nordenfjeldske Shipping of Trondheim), and the name of one of their Hurtigruten-ships. Their Erling Jarl was delivered as a coastal steamer in 1949 and evetually sank under tow to scrapping in the early 1980’s. Erling Jarl is now a so-called “service-boat” for fish farms.

The next image on my phone is dated April 5th, and was a day when fresh snow had again fallen. On a walk to town that day, I cursed the winter and just wanted the spring to arrive. Winter has been really long and cold this season, most of the snow came at the end of last year, and had not yet melted. 

The next image was taken an early morning with SNAPCHAT, on a walk-before-work. At this time of the year, when daylight comes earlier, and temperatures are warmer, I can actually do my exercise before I start my day-watch. 

Next image is from one of my many “coffee-dates” with my father at Sirkus Shopping. These dates are always great moments that I always look forward to, not only because of the delicious pastries from Rosenborg Bakeri.  

Next image in line for this bLOG entry, is a 360-image taken at my work-station with the Ricoh Theta-camera and processed through the Tiny World-app. In less than a year, this work-station will hopefully be replaced with a brand new office. 

Then, on a walk-after-work, I photographed this Opel Tigra at Møllenberg. Once upon a time, I also had an Opel Tigra - that was back in the mid-90’s I believe. Mine was blue though. The first version of the Tigra (the A-version) came in 1994 but never really catched on, and was subsequently discontinued already in 2001. 

Being a shift-worker, we sometimes have to work when you really would like to do something else. Days with a glass-like fjord under a blue sky is one of those days. During my day-watch week, the fjord was like this nearly every single day. 

Another before-work-walk, to the same area at Flakk like several times this work-periode. Sometimes I feel a strong urge to walk other places, I easily get tired of walking the exactly same route over longer periods of time. 

On some days, there is sufficient power left in me to have a walk both before and after work. After starting with daily walks on January 3rd, I’m starting to feel utterly restless if I don’t go for a walk. Experts say that it takes the average person about 6 weeks to get used to new routines, and just 5 days to loose those routines. So I guess I got to “keep walking”. 

Harry Borthen 1 is one of the veteran ships of Trondheim in active duty. This is her reflection on a late summer night. 

Another walk in town - can you guess the museum? 

A ship-selfie with the 360-camera again: this is my tiny world. 

These next images are from one of my along-the-river walks: a 40-45 minute, 4 kilometer walk along Nidelven River starting at Leuthenhaven and ending at the same place. 

Being a self-proclaimed “petrol-head” this next image explains it all. I have no doubt in my heart which car I like the most (and it’s not the red one)!. 

The tired look of someone lacking sufficient sleep and about to go on shore-leave. 

After nearly a full week without my car, I finally had the back tires replaced and the car returned to me. The first thing I had to do was naturally to give it a really good wash. One week of not being used had covered the car in a furry layer of dust. About ten minutes after taking this image, the car was once again furry and dirty again. ARGH! 

Another tiny world 360 degree image taken at another date-with-dad at Sirkus Shopping-mall. 

Have you seen my latest films on my youtube-channel? If you have already done that, you will most likely recognize some of the images below from one of the latest uploads. 

2018 04 17 Gamle Bybru-I heart Trondheim-IMG 8145-1

Less than a week after the new winter-back tires arrived, it was time to flick them off and replace them with the summer-tires. The original Jaguar-rims for my summer-tires have been completely repaired, overhauled, balanced and re-painted during the long winter. The result was truly amazing: they all look brand new again. 

In the process of testing out all coffee-shops in Trondheim and as a way to please my coffee-addiction, here is a delicious cup of Latte enjoyed at Jacobsen & Svart.  

Once again, from one of my many walks this past month, an image taken of my favorite statues at Kristiansten Fortress. 

This image was posted to one of my many Instagram accounts, spiritoftrondheim, and shows one of the buildings at Elgseter Gate which possibly is up for demolition soon. 

Inititally, I believed this to be a SAAB, but after some serious fact-checking, I realised that this was actually a beautiful 1966 ALfa Romeo 2600 Sprint. 

The final is a funny SNAP recieved from one of my colleagues as I finished my shift and headed home on a bus. The text translates to something like “Storli on his first day at school”. 

Thank you all for looking through my phone-pictures this month, hopefully, we are now back to weekly updates again.  

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