A flashback by request

A while back while at work, we started talking about that summer day while I still served on the ferry FOSEN, and we met the Norwegian sailship Christian Radich after they had departed from Trondheim. I remembered the event quite well because we crossed the fjord in a special way to best show our guests the unusual visitor. The exact date of this meeting eluded my memory though, so I had to search through quite a few pictures to find them.†

According to the date within the image, this happened back on July 3rd 2010. I tried my best at editing the images a bit better than originally, but it seems like that colors are somehow “twisted”. It almost looks like the RAW file has degraded it’s own quality since then, and that the focus ain’t as sharp as I had intitally thought.†

Anyway, here are the requested flashback-memories from that short moment in time.†

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