A Farewell to Ship Life

Late last night, I had a browse through my old bookmarks-folder… you know, the folder in for example Firefox where you put things you want to read later, when you have time, and eventually never actually do go back to. There were so many links I had also saved because I had a plan to go back and read them. I think I might have read some of the links in the past, but for some reason, still kept the links in the now overflowing folder.

One of the links, is the title to this bLOG entry, where a former cruiseship shore excursion staff talks about the life on cruise ship, and her thoughts when she left. Even though my memories are slightly different from her’s, there are some parts of it that Icertainly can nod my head to in recognition. Trading various stuff for things that makes your shipboard life more tolerable made me laugh though, it does indeed sound like we were in prison. †

A Farewell to Ship Life


1995 06 02-SS Norway

Those were good years I remember, for the†most part.†

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