A cemetary under the city

Earlier this week, the local media reported that a team of archeologists had found a previously unknown church and cemetery under a parking lot behind the city library. They had been digging for a while in preparation for a new office building to be be raised on the plot of land. Trondheim is a city more than a 1000 years old with lots of history, but finding this in 2016 I think is pretty astonishing - just a few meters beneath the land used as a the parking lot.†

They believe this could be a church called “Klementskirken”, and that even Olav the Holy (Hellige Olav) was buried in a coffin here for 25 years, before his body eventually was moved to the Nidaros Cathedral. Archeologists also belives it was during this transfer of Olav's remains between the two churches, that the stories of his still growing hair and nails came to light. If I got the story straight, it was when transfered to the Nidaros Cathedral, he became known as Saint Olav.†

In the somewhat “grotesque” screensave below, taken from a 3D animation made of the archeological site, there is a person skull found “buried” with his head leaning against one of the walls of the old church remains.†

You can see more of the animation yourself in this newspaper article (make sure you select HD-quality): 3D map. †

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