Nine thousand views is a far way from a million, but for me, I’m really thrilled to see so many visitors following my page and my blog. Naturally, these cold be 8800 of my own visits but I have actually set the counter to omit my own visits. That means people from many countries have visited this page 9000 times!†

Based on the statistics, the most visitors come from, in random order, the US, Scotland, the Philippines, Thailand and some other countries. I’m most thrilled that visitors from Indonesia is the fastest growing group to visit my page - for some reason.†

I guess I also need to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to all those that have helped me promote the page all across the Internet through sharing articles from my blog, and other links from CaptainsVoyage.com. Your assistance helps me tremendously, and makes it well worth the time spent writing and sharing. If it had not been for you readers, I would never have continued to put my limited time and precious money in the page!†

Needless to say, please also accept my most sincere thank you to all those of you that linked and shared the new video TRONDHOME, or any other of my videos, through your own personal social media accounts whatever they may be. You are giving my films a viral boost, which is nothing but awesome.†

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