7 weeks onwards 

With a suitable cartoon, I’m wishing everybody a very great morning, afternoon and/or evening, wherever in the world you may be right now. There haven’t been many bLOG entries lately, as I have been tied up with my job and preparations for Christmas (read: buying those gifts). Another perfect activity during these past autumn/winter days, is that I have also spent some time cleaning out my verious closets and basement storage, selling things that I haven’t used for at least a year. I have finally sorted through the plastic container full of Instruction Manuals (of things I no longer have), and the plastic containers full of electrical cables, chargers and plugs. 

I have backed up my hard-drives (when did you do that last time?), sent old clothes to recycling, replaced that broken living room heater, and painted the bathroom-ceiling! It really feels great to finally check off so many things on my “to-do-list”. 

During the time when I backed up my hard drive, I also “wiped” not only the screen, but the digital part of the computer clean of old (useless) stuff…. oh, man, I have many photos in many folders! I have no idea why. Really. There are probably some 300.000+ images of various quality that most likely will not be opened ever again - but they are a strong testament to what I consider is my rich life which I would not have wanted to be any other way. Generally I remember the name of those people I have a photo-record of, but then I found many people which I don’t even remember the name of anymore. That feels really terrible. 

I have pondered on what to do with this bLOG, whether to continue or to stop. I think that is absolutely not an easy decision to make. I guess, without Facebook, this is one of the platforms together with CaptainsVoyage Forum where I can continue to share my images and thoughts. Today marks my 7th week without having logged into Facebook, and to be quite honest, I do not miss it as much as I thought I would. There is however some things that I do miss with Facebook: the news about things that interests me, and the whereabout of those that I kept in regular contact with. That being said, I think it’s great to take a vacation sometime and reflect. Let’s therefore call this an extended Facebook-vacation. 

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