This is the number of remaining WHITE rhinos in the world right now! Due to illegal poaching the white rhino is now on the absolute brink of extinction - all †because of man’s greed and much also because of a certain country’s greed in the†market for it’s horns.†

Of the five last white rhinos, there are only 3 left in KENYA, 1 in the US and 1 on Tchekkoslovakia. Millions of years of evolution, almost since the age of the dinosaurs, humans are poaching these animals for their own economical benefit, despite the signing of the LONDON agreement last year, where 46 countries pledged to step up the fight on illegal hunting and trade of ivory and horns. This trade is now as big of a trade problems as drugs, human trafficking, and illegal arms.†

The total number of all types of rhinos is now 28.500, and quickly dropping.†

Between 2011 and 2013 as many as 20.000 elephants have been killed annually. That in addition to 220 chimps, 106 orangutang, 33 bonobo-chimps and 15 gorillas.†


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