Like many of my friends, I also have a channel at youtube. I have not used it or uploaded anything to this channel for many years already, because at one point, I moved over to the more professional video sharing site of vimeo.com. I love creating videos, but have a very long way to go to get to the standard I want. But, who cares, as long as the road is such fun(?)

My old youtube-channel

My current vimeo-channel.

Amongst the 79 clips I uploaded to the old youtube-channel, one clip has outperformed all the others with a total number of loads at 108.841 times!. This particular video was shot sometime in the mid-1980’s somewhere between Stamsund and Svolvær, on a stormy  evening. The video dates back to the era of VHS-tapes, and is not in FullHD, not even HD in any form. It’s also not like 4K or even 5K. With simpler words, it’s just a crappy old recording. 

Neverthless, this is my very first 100K load video ever uploaded to any channel. A mile-stone (for me). 

It goes to show that you really don’t need the best high-end equipment. All you in fact need is to record and share the “right” thing, and then let it simmer on the Internet for some 10 years or so. 

Click the image below to see the 100K+ video (will open in a new window). 

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