10 years ago

Yesterday, 10 years ago, the world was violently woken up and thrown into a disaster which people all around the Indian Ocean had never witnessed. What started as a violent, mid-morning earthquake off Indonesia soon turned out to become one of the deadliest natural disasters of modern times. The powerful earthquake created a series of tsunami-waves which would travel increadible distances all throughout the Pacific Ocean and even strike as far away as the African coast. It’s was all in the news, the different stories are well known to all that experienced it in one way or another. Personal tragedies and death tolls which even today is hard to fathom and grasp. Personally, it is not difficult for me to shed many tears when thinking about those random souls which in horrific ways perished that day, not only in Thailand, but also those in Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia…. But at the same time, despite the horrific sounds, smells and sceneries those most horrific days, we also witnessed humanity coming together in a way I had never seen before, or after.

As we now mark 10-years since the worst disaster in recent history, let us all remember all those that still struggle with the aftermath and those that still can’t comprehend the human losses of the day. I could have hoped that 10 years after such a major disaster, humanity as a whole would have learned that war and other man-made disasters ain’t fruitful for the future of the planet. But, it seems like we are so far off course, and it seems worse now than ever before.†

The below three images are taken nearly two weeks after, and shows what is left of Bang Sak Beach Resort, at Bang Sak beach in Kao Lak.†

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